Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good Morning Readers !

This is my "birdhouse quilt" - I finished the binding last night - will take a good picture once I figure out how to hang it above the steps - gotta find a very high ladder !

And it sure is morning - 5:18 to be exact. 3:30 found me staring at the alarm clock - so I finally turned it off and got up. Made dh's lunch for the day, and got the coffee pot ready to brew. Will go back to my WW meeting today. I will have a gain, no doubt about that - but not as bad as I thought.

Made a promise to myself - stay on track just one week. Just to see. Then I'll shoot for 2 weeks. Then for a month. Then for a season. I'm going to get to goal this year, I am. I know how, I know what I need to do, so I'm going to do it.

No meal plans yet for the weekend. Will stop and see whats on sale after my meeting. Made tilapia for dh and the kids last night - one of the healthiest meals - and everyone loves it - so I'm going to start making it 2 times a week. We've been really good with salads and fruits - but BIL dropped off 2 LARGE pizzas during the week - and I saw the kids picking at them all day long. I managed to not eat any, but I saw what it was doing to the kids - so we're just not going to have that around anymore. If BIL drops them off in the middle of the night again - we'll just throw them away.... or do a drive by .... or send them to dh's workers - that's the best thing !


Kim said...

The quilt is gorgeous, Jerzy.....absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

~Kim in TX

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Farmee said...

Gorgeous quilt, duck. It's so purtee. What's your next project?