Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This and That ...

Whew - what a ride. Finally got my breadmaker - Amazon lowered the price $15 yesterday, so I bought it. Expensive - but I'm sure we'll get our money's worth.

Thinking of ordering myself some roses for V-day. I just love my dh - but he's not the type of guy to remember birthdays, anniversaries or V-day. If I ask - he'll buy - but how romantic is that? He's brought home flowers for no reason lots of times - so it's not like he doesn't care - it's just that "special days" don't mean much to him. Found this deal online -

May order myself some while he's away.

Checked out this new book from the library - how to get your kids to eat their veggies - called deceptively delicious - very interesting reading.

Will go out to vote today, and I promised myself to finish these taxes, so no playtime for me today. Dinner tonight is stuffed shells - recipe is posted under the pasta link. Need to watch my weight - for some reason it's jumped back up - not sure why. Did get up on the treadmill yesterday - felt good - will get back up again later today !!


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Farmee said...

I've seen that book..Deceptively Delicious. Isn't it by Jerry Seinfeld's wife?

I have a new exercise regimen going...yoga! It's really cool. I'm sore, but I'm determined to put some flex back in this body.