Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Biggest Loser Eye Opener -

My focus with weight loss is usually on myself - dh and the kids come second. I do try and help dh - but I can't tell him no when it comes to portion sizes. If the kids don't like what I've cooked for dinner, I usually make them something else - something that is usually not as healthy. Bad choices both.

Although I thought Mark was a bit controlling of his kids - taking food away, in one big swoop - it did open my eyes. Now, I thought it was mean - he hasn't seen his kids for 2 months, and you focus on taking things away - there is plenty of time to ease into good habits in the future. BUT - when that little boy grabbed another danish and ran under the table - I could just see my DS doing the same thing.

When the family went out to eat - and the grownups ordered very healthy - and then ordered fish and chips for the kids - wow. I was eating lean veal and brown rice - and my kids were having McD's. Yes, they exercised that day - but blew it all away eating that junk. So starting today - losing weight for them will be as important to me as losing weight for me.

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