Week 3 Stash Report

In keeping with my New Years Goal to not buy much new fabric, I'm keeping track of exactly how much of my stash I'm using.  This past week I haven't gotten much sewing done, matter of fact, yesterday was the first day I even took out my fabrics.  I did get one block cut out, and strips cut for a few more, so I'll count that all as 1 yard used this week.  Definately will be using more next week - right?

Used this Week: 1 yards

Used year to Date: 8 yards

Added this Week: 0

Added Year to Date: 5
Net Used for 2011: 3 yards

Those 5 yards that were added in the beginning of the year is backing fabric for a UFO top.  I found an awesome sale on this pink/brown fabric while doing the Quilting Is Murder Mystery, and I figured what were the chances that the exact same color scheme I needed would be on sale again?  So, I bought some.  But I'll use it - and when I do, it'll get subtracted right back out of that New Used number.

To see how others are doing using their stash - check out Patchwork Times by Judy !


Kate said…
Every bit out counts. Keep stitching.
Tamera said…
Starting the year out right! If you're anything like me, when you're perusing in that fabric store, you'll be thinking, "I'd love to buy this, but then I'd have to report it on Sunday's Stash Report!" he he he

Keeps you honest!
Amy said…
I didn't make it in the sewing room until yesterday either. Some weeks just go like that. I ordered backing for the same reason. At $10 a yard, you really do have to watch for sales. Your doing great!
Lori said…
Don't forget the "me" time!
katie z. said…
Me time is important. (Ask me how I know!)
Alycia said…
I love it when you find just what you need at a deal!!

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