Successful first week

www.Well, my first week back on Weight Watchers was a success - down 2.2 lbs!  I kept to my goals, went to the gym, tried to eat healthy (yes, I did have pizza and chocolate cake, but I had much smaller servings then I normally would have)  Still drinking my diet Zero's though ....

No sewing this week - but I do have a plan.  I've been watching my favorite blog - Patchwork Times - and she gets so much accomplished each day, and I think it's because she creates lists.  So I'm going to try that with my crafting - I know this week I want to work on something in yellow (a monthly challenge at that same blog).  So that will head the list.  Also need to go buy some more elastic - everyone has decided they need yet another pair of pj's .... and since I have plenty of flannel and fleece leftover - might as well !
Oh, and I had to share these pictures - Judy at Patchwork Times was sharing a picture of her son using a drill to open coconuts on her kitchen countertops.  This is what happened to my kitchen table that was a gift from my mother - when my husband decided he and my son would make a rack for him to hang stuff on ....

When Judy's son used the drill - he finished with the countertops intact, and 12 meals to take back to school.  My my husband and son were finished .... I was left with this

Of course, I'm not replacing the table until everyone is grown and out of the house ! 

I did finish the 2nd two pair of pj's - and now everyone wants just one more pair - so the serger will have to come out again ... but I think I ran out of elastic ... so I may just have to quilt until I can get out to buy more .... life is so tough !


Laura said…
Hmm, looks like DH may not be a wood worker! i can't believe he actually drilled on the table!
Congrats on the loss, every bit is a success!!!
Marti said…
Congratulations on your weight loss. Maybe I should join WW. I keep gaining.

I'm sorry about your table, but it can be fixed with some wood putty that is sandable and stainable.

I have also resolved not to buy for my stash until I have it down to a manageable size.

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