Thursday, July 8, 2010

My New Camera

One of the blogs I faithfully follow inspired me to buy a new camera.  No way I could afford a fancy one - so I picked up a used Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 on ebay.  I only had one night to quickly read through the directions - much different then my normal point and shoot - but wow - what a difference in picture quality!

This is Adam's second swim meet - he's all pro now. 

My oldest has become a very good long distance swimmer. 
The only bad part about dual meets - no long distance - so she's content swimming 50's and 100's like everyone else.  She's made some pretty good friends on the swimteam - they are a really nice bunch of kids.

This is her swimming fly at the bottom of the picture.  I really love how high she can get up out of the water.  Amazing. 

This is Adam waiting for his first race to start.  He's flanked on one side by the teams head coach, and the other by his big sister.  He's concentrating on the race ahead - gotta love the intense expression !
Now, no worries, I won't be sharing all 158 pictures I took at last nights swim meet - but I am happy to say that 35 are good enough to make me order some prints.  This one isn't so great - but I wanted to show Adam how many people were cheering him on.  Mostly our team sits on the bleachers waiting for their own events.  Very rarely does anyone get up and cheer, but he had his very own cheering squad (and I think they were ALL GIRLS and not just his sisters!) 

Now to spend more time figuring out all the different settings, and I'll have many more photos to share.

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