Leenah Turns 11

One nice thing about a blog - it'll help me remember what I did for each child's birthday - so one doesn't get "more" than another .....  because they certainly never forget.  We kept things very subdued for this birthday, since the 2 of us will be spending a few days at Penn State University together in a few weeks. 

She got a few little gifts - she mainly wanted spending money for Penn State - so that made life easy.  She liked the ring her sister picked out, but really loved the necklace.

We did got bowling ...  too bad I forgot the camera - but Leenah won game #1 and I won game #2 - so it was a perfect day (oh, and Adam and Leenah got the claw machine stuck while working, so we also ended up with an entire bag of plastic animals, as well as a bowling trophey that Adam talked the owner into giving him.... so it was really a great day)


Marti said…
LOL, Adam sounds like a lot of fun. How did he talk his way into a trophy?

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