Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Independence Swim Meet

Leenah had another great weekend swimming.  All the kids who qualified and came did really well.
Leenah set 2 new meet records - the 200 IM and the 100 Fly.  Really proud of her.  She also made 6 more 11-12 yo JO times.  We are both very excited about going back to Penn State - and NOT just to visit the creamery again !

We had a very long talk over the weekend about nutrition.  Since she is moving up to the 11-12 yo age group, it's time she began to take her swimming a bit more serious (even though she does very well, it's been all fun and games up until now). 

We've decided that we both are going to go 3 weeks with no junkfood and eating better nutritional foods.  We will finish up the birthday cake that's in the fridge, but nothing else.  I know I will lose weight, but I'm hoping better nutrition also gives her more energy to swim faster times, and she continues on with a healthier lifestyle.

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Marti said...

She is doing so well for someone so young. Is she planning for college? btw, what do you all do about so much sun exposure and water washing off sunscreen?