Exactly WHAT is Normal?

In our home, everyone helps out.  My kitchen has white cabinets (I hate them).  So lots of time is spent wiping them down.  My oldest has turned into an excellent helper - both in the kitchen, and other general household duties. 

My second oldest thinks she's lots of help in the kitchen.....  its debatable.

And Adam is a champion boxer - one of these days, I'm afraid he's going to put that little fist right through the TV !

For me right now - normal means cooking, cleaning, laundry, more laundry, a quick dip in the swimming pool while clearing/cutting/trimming/picking up the yard and taxiing kids back and forth from swim practices, tennis lessons, and swim meets.  I'm anxiously waiting for August to come - so that my days will be filled with nothing more then the waves hitting the beach.....


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