Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship Swim Meet

What a weekend !  On Wednesday, I figured "let me change the oil in my new HHR" it only has 6600 miles on it, but since we were driving to Delaware on Friday, I figured it'd be a good thing.  Wrong.  Thursday I'm driving to swim practice, and the check engine light comes on.  Big Sigh.  I tell the 2 girls who are swimming over the weekend to pack their bags Thursday night, as we will be leaving right after Adam gets on the school bus on Friday, because now I have to stop and get this engine light checked. 

After waiting over an hour - they tell me something is not working, but I don't need it right away, they'll order it, and install it after I get back.... fine.... I guess - so I'm on my way.

We get to Delaware in great time - 90 minutes.  We quickly find the hotel, we are allowed to check in 3 hours early - the room is clean, the hotel is clean, life is good.  We go for lunch -

Subway - right around the corner (next to the tatoo shop).  Then off to find the pool.  After three trips around the same block, we found the little alleyway that would allow us to park AT the pool, and not 2 blocks away.  Great.  Now to go back and relax at the hotel until 4 or so (only the oldest has to swim tonight - and warm-ups aren't until 5). 

So - at 3:45, guess what we're doing?  Relaxing?   Nope

Guess which one forgot their bathing suit?  Yes, the brand new bathing suit that I just bought them for this meet !  Another big sigh.

But - we got the suit, and got to the meet on time, and it was sooooooo cool to see their names in lights this weekend

Very, very cool.  Took lots of pictures, made a few new friends, went to Booths Corner on the way home, then stopped to visit the favorite Aunt.  All in all it was a great weekend - now to get the car fixed.


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