Body Bugg

I purchased my Body Bugg about 6 months ago.  If it is used correctly - it's a win/win, you'll definately lose weight as long as the calories out are greater than the calories in.  Since it tracks all the calories out - the only thing that you have to do is track the calories in.  You can do this online - I got a year free subscription when I purchased my Body Bugg - but I haven't been using it faithfully (perhaps the reason why I'm not losing weight?)  I went back over this week - and each day I burned my 3,000 calories (my goal is to burn 3,000 and eat 2,000)  Today I saw that the program will automatically post to Facebook how many calories I burned, and how many I ate - so I'm going to post a daily update on FB - which will keep me honest !  Stay tuned.

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renata said…
i read your previous post where you thought you might have had a clot, make sure you have had an ultrasound on the leg to elimminate that possibility, if its still there you will be at risk of it either dislodging and possibly causing stroke/ heart attack/ lung embolism.
Hope its not a clot and all ok.

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