Junior Olympics Medal Count

Two days down, two to go. First day of JO's was the 500 Free - she got 3rd place - which is excellent since it's only the 2nd time she's swam that distance ! Second day of JO's included

100 Breast - 3rd place

200 Free - 8th place

50 Fly - not sure - she was tired, not her best time

They give medals to the first 8 places - so she's happy with her performance so far.

Today's races will be:

200 IM (her least favorite)

50 Free

50 Breast (one of her favorites)

Since the 200 IM is first - she's going to be mighty tired going into her 50 Free. She does have a short break before she swims the 50 Breast - but after seeing the toll all this swimming takes on her - makes me really appreciate Michael Phelps achievements with 8 gold medals. Hard to stay at your best for 2 weeks !!

And Sunday - last day's events include

100 Free

100 Fly

50 Back

She qualified for every single event for her age group. You are only allowed to swim 3 each day - so she's not getting to swim everything - but even if she doesn't get any other medals - I'm mighty, mighty proud of her!


Marti said…
Wow, that's a lot of swimming. Doing just a couple of laps makes me want to sleep for an hour.

Hey girlie, stop by MHP tomorrow, ok?
Anonymous said…
in cycle we are the next in line, cycle that they call life... nice blog
cellomom said…
That's great!!! WTG!

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