Calphalon Unison Nonstick

Somedays I feel so lucky.  While we were away at the swim meet last weekend, my second daughter called to tell me FedEx had left a HUGE package on the porch.  I told her to bring it in.  I heard her over the phone struggling with the package.  I knew I had ordered a pair of FitFlops from Amazon, but I didn't think they were THAT big (ok, ok, I have exceptionally large feet - but still!)

She read the package for me - Calphalon.

 Seems as if I won the big prize.  Calphalon started an online group via Big Tent - and the first 400 people to confirm with their address were being sent pieces of Calphalon, with the agreement that they'd try them out, and then write an honest review of the piece they received.  Some people got waffle irons, or stockpots, or fry pans, or utensils.  I received the entire package - a 10 piece set !  How very awesome is that !  Now, the prize for reviewing the pans is the same 10 piece set - and it's valued at close to $600 on Amazon

I made myself wait to open it - then I asked my oldest to help me get it up on our school table - it was heavy - now I see why my second daughter couldn't move it easily.

Not sure exactly what it weighed, but it was heavy.  I unpacked it piece by piece, and marveled at each one.  Did you know there were different pans - some can sear, and some slide?  I have 2 pans now that can sear - a 4 and 8 quart, with lids for both.  Since the both can go into the oven - handles and all - I'm really excited - I can sear a steak and put it in the oven to finish !  The set also includes 2 fry pans - both 8 inches and 10 inches, as well as 2 more pots - 2 quart and 3 quart both with lids. 

I'm actually reading the instructions on these before I use them.  These may very well be the last pots and pans I ever need - they feel that sturdy.  They do claim to be dishwasher safe - but since my dishwasher is on the fritz - these babies will be lovingly handwashed (the recommend Dawn, which is what I already use)  And get this - it comes with a Lifetime Warranty - they will replace any item found defective in material or workmanship.  It just keeps getting better.  AND - as if this wasn't enough - they offer to renew your old cookwear - if you buy a 8, 10 or 15 piece cookware you can put your old cookware into the box your Calphalon came in, and they'll recycle it.  I'm not sure I'll do this - with 3 girls, I may hold on to my old pots and pans ... although perhaps I'll buy them each their own set as a wedding gift when the time comes - but first - time to make menu's so I can put these pots and pans to the test !


Marti said…
Wow! How cool is that! If I ever win anything, I have to go visit some distant resort to claim my prize. Enjoy your cookware.

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