Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ramblings -

First off - I can easily see how people can quickly become addicted to pain meds. I had foot surgery on Monday - and I've downed about 15 tablets since then. I've had some of the wildest dreams ever - and a permanant, hazy smile - until of course, I try to walk - but even that is getting better.

Procedure - I had the plantars fascitus released - amazing difference. Pain went from a constant 8-9 to a nearly nothing. Yes, there is pain where the incision is still fresh - but no more burning, intense pain. Definately would recommend surgery to anyone who suffers from this ! Not sure if he ground down the heel spur or not - I guess I'll find that out once the swelling goes down.

I have come to realize just what a great daughter my oldest is - and what a wonderful wife and mom she will oneday make, God willing. She has run this house almost as well as I, for the past 3 days. It takes her longer to accomplish the same things - but she has put food on the table, kept the washer and dryer spinning, kept the kitchen somewhat orderly, helped get her younger brother on and off the bus each day - the list just goes on and on. That's why today - when she came home from swim practice nearly in tears - it almost broke my heart. Seems as if someone is picking on her. Luckily the coach does not believe this other person's story - as they have a reputation for causing trouble - but why they felt the need to single out my daughter, I do not know. I am torn between my natural desire to protect my oldest cub, and respecting her request not to get involved, because she is old enough to handle it herself. I know she has an awful lot of good going on for her - but I also know she's at that age when cruel words really hurt. I know they are only words - but wow, who ever thought being a mom would be so tough? I will honor her request for now and stay out of it - but this mama bird's eyes will certainly be watching her little chick - and heaven help those who want to mess with any of my babies !


Marti said...

Hard to believe she is growing up so fast, and her being so sweet, caring, and competent is because of you, ya know. Don't cha just hate it when something like that happens and they want to handle it on their own? Always made me feel proud of them and yet frustrated and a bit powerless too.

Laura said...

Oh Deb, I remember those days well. You are right to stay out of it, as much as it hurts. Keep an eye on things and only become involved if absolutely necessary. DD will remember this forever, my DD does, but she will also gain some understanding of others and how cruel people can be. Good luck Mama Bear!