Project #1 - Top Complete - Design Wall Monday

True to my promise to myself - I've found time to turn last Mondays stack of fabrics into a wall-hanging. Next - I need to set up the head caps for our brain study - but tonight I'll try and get this sandwiched and ready to be quilted over the weekend! Next on the design wall - not sure - but I do have a stack of Fred Finstone fabrics that I know just who would love them ! To see what others are working on, check out Judy's site at Patchwork Times !


SpinningStar said…
Great looking quilt- the colors are beautiful.

Well done, that is a beautiful quilt, just my colours.

Happy Room Diana
Tamera said…

Orange is my favorite colour!
Gail said…
Wow, what great colors!Well done.
Pieceful Jane said…
OOOOOOOOOOOH!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Your quilt top is beautiful. :D
Brenda said…
Love this quilt.

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