Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Gotta love a man that leaves a mushy card and this on the kitchen table so it's the first thing you see !

It's just what I wanted - almost a choker type necklace - so dh is good now for another year LOL. Oh, and he also sent me the tree guys. Since we've moved from 20 acres to just over 1 acre - I really miss my "garden". My garden at the old house was as big as my land is now. I guess dh got tired of me complaining all the time about the lack of fresh veggies - so all the pine trees are coming down (could it be also because he doesn't like scooping pine needles out of the pool each summer?)

These guys have been working so hard - and don't let the name fool ya - they seem to be really nice young men !


Teresa said...

not sure if this is where their name came from but the old english term used to describe an extreme wooded over taken by underbrush area was "hell"

Good Man you have Jerzy

Marti @ The Next Fifty Years said...

Gorgeous! (not the tree guys) You do indeed have a good man there. Romantic and practical at the same time.