Good-Bye April - Hello May !

Not much sewing done at all this month - big sigh. My sewing machine is sitting right behind me, almost as if it's wondering when I will get back to it. So much to do, what happens to the time? I have cut back on facebook time - I do play my Mafia Wars - but that takes all about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. I do run a Walk-It virtual team - but again - 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 at night. Course, then there are the girlies - between the 3 of them - school is 4 hours, but they also expect to be fed, and I'm expected to wash their clothes too ! Amazing. The oldest is really a big help around the house - example - she cooked dinner last night, then I ran her and her sisters to swim practice, from there to her softball game, and by the time we rolled in last night, it was nearly 10 p.m.

And then there is Adam. Sadly, I don't think I give him the time he needs/deserves. Yes, he did just have a one on one vacation for 3 weeks with his Dad, but that's just not the same. He is doing better in school, but forgot lots of what he knew during those 3 weeks. I had a Parent/Teacher conference yesterday - she's noticing some of the same silliness that I've been noticing - sometimes at very inappropriate times. I got out some workbooks to work with him - we'll get there.

Need to finish up a 12 page report for my Sociology Class - then 3 weeks off. I need them. Swim meets all weekend - so I better get started. I already have a passing grade - so wondering why I even bother to get A's.....I guess it's just me.


Farmee said…
Doesn't it seem like time slips away? I notice it a lot. One day at a time, dear friend.

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