Flowers and Birthday Presents

Donated to the local crew team - and came home with this beautiful Hydrangea - the color is amazing. Did a bit of research - seems like it'll come back year after year - even looked at ways to dry some of the flowers come August - so this years color scheme will be blues !

Also found the perfect birthday present for my dh this year. Of course, this is something we'll both probably use - I can visualize us now - next to the pool with a cooler full of of water and cold fruit - a good book, and a pillow. Life is good - eh? Hoping it gets delivered next Monday - I may even pay the extra $20 to have it put together.

Spent yesterday in Phila - took the girls to the Franklin to see Narnia before it leaves town. No pictures were allowed to be taken in the exhibit - but it was pretty cool - got to sit in the Ice Queen's throne - it was really cold ! Felt how heavy the armor was, and saw how they had to sit and have Yak's hair attached to their faces. Can't wait for the 3rd movie to come out in 2010 !


TobyBo said…
the new hydrangea is beautiful. :)

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