So - How do you like the new look?

Still experimenting - but I will try and get it all done before New Years.

I got out all my Fly Lady stuff from before. Not only will I be looking fine in 2009 - my house will too. Check out her site if you've never been - get your control journal ready to go !! You WILL get tons of emails - either just delete the ones you don't have time for, or get a digest version - but it will help get your home in order.

Also going back to Menu Plan Monday - if you've never heard about it - check it out. Working on next weeks menu's now.

Workout Journal - just going to make extra pages for my FlyLady control journal. So much out there - just find what works for you.

Girls did really well at the swim meet. None of the qualified for JO's yet - but there is still time. I am very proud of them all !!

What's cooking this a.m.? In my Zoji - I have bread baking, and it does smell good. If you've never made bread in a Zoji - poor you. I love mine. Almost my favorite kitchen appliance (that award would go to my Kitchen Aid mixer which is easily over a decade old and still going strong).

OK - off to clear the desk of paperwork, have another cup of coffee, and get ready for my day.


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