Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 27th

Wow - time sure flies. Girls are gone for the weekend. Adam and dh spent a wonderful day together yesterday, while mommy did yardwork. Don't get me wrong, I love working on my yard, especially with no interruptions, but since it was dh's first weekend home, I was thinking we'd go out to dinner together or something - big sigh.

Have been doing lots of thinking. Caught myself yesterday getting ready to eat - just because the house was empty and I could sit and enjoy my meal - not because I was hungry. So I waited. I swam. I cleaned the pool - and then I was truely hungry - so I ate. Not too much, but enough to feel satisified. It was a good feeling - but it is going to be hard to break that habit - I need to be aware of when I eat and why.

Our back row had a wonderful WI last week - altogether we lost 7.2 lbs. We were one person short (R was on vacation) - so hoping next week we can have even bigger numbers - although 2 of the losers were lifetimers - so that won't happen each week!

Have a new cookbook - will flip through it later today and see what I'm going to make - I'll be sure to post recipes. I've been making the 2 and 3 point muffins like crazy. They freeze so well. I can make 3 dozen with just 1 quart of low fat buttermilk - so that's just what I did. I also made a batch of the 1 pt muffins - not as good (of course) but just the thing when you just want to have a bite of something.

Up early today - gotta plan next weeks schooling, and menus. Kids won't be home until tomorrow, and Wednesday is Championship swimming - so only 3 days for school (2 if we do the beach on Friday). Adam is going to have his swim tryouts on Tuesday - wish him luck !!

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