Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blueberries anyone?

It's blueberry season here in Jerzyland. I'm working on pints # 13-18. I frozen #1-6, and am slowly turning the other 6 into baked goods that I'll freeze.

I'll post the recipes along with my reviews once I make them.

WW - I was up a bit - but I knew I would be. That's OK. For those of you that also do WW - check out this deal

I'll be extending my subscription - that's for sure !

OK - still have a houseful of girls. They made chocolate chip pancakes this a.m. - tons of them. I limited myself to 4 small ones without the chocolate chips, and with sugar free syrup - no butter. Not bad. Made 1 pt blueberry muffins last night - and I did have 3 of those - so now I'm full. 11 a.m. - so no lunch - good day today !!

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