Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weight Watcher Meeting Minutes

First things first - down 1 lb. Not sure how I feel about that - I know I watched what I ate this week - but also made some poor choices in the beginning of the week, and didn't treadmill much, so 1 lb is good, I suppose.

Full meeting today - glad to see so many old faces again. Our "backrow" was discussing how a few lifetimers have gotten "too thin". Yes, there is such a thing as too thin - but I doubt if I ever will get there.

Didn't follow along too well with the meeting today - it was about choices you could make for meals - if I have time, I can usually provide pretty healthy meals for my family. The trick is to prepare ahead of time, I suppose. Plus, it helps not to go overboard on the desserts. I talked dh into delivery cupcakes to DS's school next week - so that's one temptation out of the way.

Dinner today will be crab cakes. For 2 crabcakes is only 3 points - so I could really have 4 of these babies !!! That with pasta and salad and I'm happy. Tomorrow is steaks on the grill. Nice looking steaks - with baked taters and more salad. Saw a TV commercial on Idaho potatoes only containing 110 calories, so you know I went out and bought a bag.

Busy day today - after my WW meeting, I ran and signed dd up for baseball, then ran them back and forth between the pool for swim practice - oh, and I had to stop and buy goggles for tomorrow's swim meet - nothing like waiting until the last minute. BUT - after everyone is home - everything is done for the weekend - so life is good. Maybe I'll even find time to quilt.


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