Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pictures from Egypt

Finally - right? We didn't do a whole lot of touristy stuff this time around - but I did want to share some pictures of interest (at least to me) These first ones are the making of a mattress - carpets are thrown out into the street (dirt streets) and then the cotton is dumped and shredded (as if this makes a softer mattress - not) Then men sew it up into whatever the owner provides. Here it was a new mattress for our neighbor across the street - one of the sons was getting married later in the week - I guess it was a wedding gift????

Pretty neat - but talk about a "firm" mattress !! We sleep on these while we're there - my back aches for the first week or so until I get used to it.

While we were there - our dd celebrated a birthday. Lots of my quilting friends had sent her cards and gifts - I think the Egyptian Post Office was overwhelmed by the amount of mail she received that week - they were happy when they finally got to meet her "in person". The cakes in Egypt look wonderful - but the taste of their chocolate leaves lots to be desired - I'd rather have it taste good and not be so pretty - but maybe it's a good thing it doesn't taste as good as it looks or else I'd have easily gained more than these 15 lbs !!! Oh - it's also normal to buy cake by the slice - so you can get an assortment - in case someone doesn't like something !!!

And of course - the zoo -

While we were there - the girls got to swim with the Egyptian Team - of course - their pool was Olympic size - twice as big as what we were used to - but it was nice to swim outside again !!

One night the girls and I went for a walk. We came across 2 men making Konafa. Here in the states you can buy it as Shredded Filo Dough - - my MIL makes the best Konafa around - the next picture is my ds enjoying what MIL can make. The amazing thing is these men were out making this around 9 or 10 at night - and they only sell it fresh - so that means people would come by to buy it right then.

And this final picture is for everyone that asks "while you there - do you dress like an Egyptian?" My answer is "sometimes" - if I'm going to the mosque to pray, or to a family members house who is very religious - then yes, I cover and wear very loose clothing - but as you can see in the zoo picture above - I dress just like an American at other times - both are acceptable - and I have never been treated with anything but respect - either way !

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