Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grocery Shopping - at AMAZON???

Yep - somethings are better bought in bulk - especially if you KNOW you'll use it.

Poptarts - great for swim meets - or long car drives. With a family of 6 - we can easily go through a box in one trip. Our favorite - Hot Fudge Sundae (these are especially good in the summer frozen). Add in a few boxes of your favorite cereal (1/3 less sugar Fruit Loops) and you've got breakfast for months.

Now - whats the catch??? If you spend $49 at Amazon on Kellog's products - you take off $20 just by using the coupon code KELLOGG1 Free shipping too (make sure you change it to the free shipping button) So - for $30 I got 12 boxes of 8 count poptarts, and 7 boxes of cereal - that's a little more than $1.50 a box - can't beat that !!!

Click here to go grocery shopping at Amazon

I also get my laundry detergent this way - I'll be sure to post when those deals are good.


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