Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recipes to try - and a quick update

Going to try a couple new recipes this week - came from Saving Dinner - I also picked up a couple new cookbooks from the library this week - will post any I find interesting.

Also signed up for the million pound match up sponsered by the Biggest Loser - you and a buddy join together - to lose weight- and maybe win prizes. Details here I signed up with dh - we should be able to do really well - if we stick to it.

I'm proud to announce I've treadmilled 2 days in a row now. YEsterday I ended up with 11,300 steps on my pedometer - and today - even though it's only 7 a.m., I've already logged 3500 steps - so going for 12,000. Should be easy enough - right?

Feta Chicken with Zuccini


Turkey with Garlicky Red Wine Sauce

dinner tonight? Not sure - tomrrow is a long day of swimming - so fish is usually easy - maybe make a roast in the crock today? It's frozen - so better get it started now....

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Farmee said...

You walker, you! Go girlee...