Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yellow Squash Overload

The Garden is doing amazing so far this year.  The herbs I planted all did well, although now it's getting a little hot and they are going to seed.  Lettuce and spinach ... also amazing.  Tomatoes and cucumbers are just now coming in.  The hubster is especially pleased with that long light green cucumber in the middle ... in Egypt it's called Atta, according to him it is sweeter than cucumber with larger seeds.  The seed packet called them Armenian cucumbers - haven't sliced into it yet to see if he's right.  The yellow squash pictured is only a small amount of what I've already picked.  DH has shredded some and cooked it with eggs, but I know that'll get old quickly - so I'm trying new things.  

  This was my first new concoction.  Not sure of a name for it - yellow squash fried sandwiches perhaps ?  These are filled with cheese and turkey - and they ended up amazing.  I was really worried that they would lose their filling but they didn't and when you bit into them, the cheese was stringy just like mozzarella sticks, which meant the kids actually loved them.

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