Nadia's Surgery

Nadia injured her knee in gym class back in April.  It was a pretty severe injury, a broken tibia, a completely torn PCL as well as other torn ligaments.  They tried a couple months of Physical Therapy, but without a PCL, there was little chance of it healing enough so she could get back on the tennis courts, much less walk, so the Doctor said surgery was our only option.  We weren't sure if they would use a piece of her own hamstring or a donated piece to fix her PCL, but she was in good spirits when we got there.
She was worried about the IV needle - smart nurse put it in her arm instead of on the back of her hand seeing as she'd be on crutches and if it were on the back of her hand, it'd be pretty painful.  She got it first shot, so the smile remained.   

She was a little worried about what they called nerve blockers -- more needles going directly into her nerves, one shot near her hip and the other near her knee.  Since they needed her to remain calm and not move, they gave her a bit of Valium in her IV ... hysterical.   Now I see why people video their kids on laughing gas in the dentist office.  Anyway, after singing a few rounds of "itsy, bitsy spider" the nerve blocks were in and she was good to go.  The surgery itself took about 2 1/2 hours, but since we'd already been at the hospital 5 hours, it made for a long, long day.
 Finished, with ice water tubing running under her bandages so no ice packs required.  I rented a little fridge so that the ice water could continue to keep her knee cool.   Bad news though -- no shower for a week.  Guess I better stop at the drugstore and buy her some shower wipes !
And on our way home, still smiling.  Of course that may have something to do with the nerve blocks and good pain relief drugs.  We filled up her pain relief drugs the minute we got home.  She goes back to the Doctor in a week to remove the bandages.  He said she should be off the crutches within 10 days or so, and on her way to recovery.  We leave for Florida the second week of August ... so I hope she's on the mend !


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