Yearly Physical

I try to put off my yearly physicals by at least a year ... making them bi-yearly ??  But, the last time I went to the dentist I was denied ... because my blood pressure was too high.  Part of that was because I WAS at the dentist, but mostly because I had stopped taking my blood pressure medicine.  My favorite doctor had left our practice (she had small kids, so works now in an Urgent Care twice a week) so I didn't want to go through with meeting a new doctor, so I didn't bother.

Anyway, got new scripts for bloodwork, and my meds, and she thought she'd convinced me to get a mammogram (she printed it out.... doubtful I'll go) and I flatly refused a colonoscopy.  But, it's a starting point.  Maybe as I get healthier again, I'll consider doing the mammogram, but the colonoscopy will probably remain a no.  She did say there is a new company that tests your bowel movements (you send them a sample through the mail....) I may consider that, in another 5 years LOL


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