Another Year - Another Chance

Home from a fun filled week in Michigan. What a great time we had flying my Dad out so he and his twin brother could celebrate their 82nd birthday in the cottage where they grew up - yep, you read that right - both of them, 82. Do you know how many times they each told the same story to the same people? But - it really was fun - and to see my Dad having so much fun was worth every single penny I spent to get my own family of 6 as well as all extended family gathered together for a weekend of partying. Pictures will soon follow - but I wanted to share this recipe that my cousin Carol made up for the party. Quick, simple, somewhat healthy - ideal for a quick dessert type salad - 1 container of Cottage Cheese 1 package of FF jello (this time she used lemon) some blueberries 1 container of Cool Whip That was it. It was good. She mixes it up and uses different jello flavors and different fruits - but it was surprisingly good - and that was the first time my kids EVER ate cottage cheese. I'll be doing this again !


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