Wheat Breat -

Made this recipe yesterday to go with dinner -

Dee's Health Bread

Even though I didn't have enough time to let it rise completely - it turned out wonderfully.  It was great warm, then this a.m. I toasted a slice and it's still great (even though Sham never got around to covering it last night after his late night tennis match dinner) 

I did have to modify the recipe a bit - I didn't have enough regular flour to make the entire recipe - so I scaled it down to 20 servings.  Today I'll go out and buy some flour and make the entire recipe.  Going to also try to roll some into smaller balls and see if they'll pop for pita bread - how healthy will that be if it works !


Laura said…
Saw this on the blog and wanted to try it. Good to know someone I actually know has had success with it!

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