Farewell Summer 2011 - thanks for the memories


- we had a blast this last weekend of summer - we spent a day with the Jessie O crew and did a little deep water fishing. The water was rough, but all the kids handled it well - good to know. We went bowling - and both Adam and Nadia did surprisingly good. Of course, they had gutter guards in and used them creatively - but their scores were impressive. Then our last trip of summer - Six Flags Great Adventure. WE usually try and go one last time during the Muslim Days which mark the end of Ramadan, but because Ramadan is now in the summer - they cannot hold Eid at the park since it's open for it's regular season. Muslim Days this year falls on a school day - and since it's not "really" the religious holiday (that was this past week) - I won't let the kids miss school to go (mean mom that I am). So, I took them yesterday. They had a blast. I even rode the Congo River Rapids with them twice (I had brought a zip lock baggie for my phone) Adam was a little sad that he didn't get soaked, but he quickly got over it .... because this is the first year he was TALL ENOUGH to ride EVERY SINGLE RIDE ! Yep, he hit that all important 54" mark. Where does time go ? Anyway - 6 Flags now sells USB drives - for $25 you buy the drive, and then can add pics on it for $6 each - sounds expensive - but not when you consider how much they want for one sheet of prints ($13!) Plus, you can use your USB drive again all year. Next year I may invest in a season pass - the kids had that much fun ...


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