Happy Day After

Yesterday was Valentines Day.  I could show you pictures of the wonderful box of chocolates my husband bought me,  or the beautiful sentiment in the handmade card my husband made for me, or even the dozen roses he picked up for me last minute on the way home ....

but I can't ....

because he didn't do any of those things.  Very rarely will he remember a special day - no birthdays, no holidays, and no anniversaries.  I'm not sure why - especially because he does know they mean something to me .... that's just how he is.

My kids though, they make sure to let me know I am loved.  From the handmade cards, to sharing their chocolate (which I really didn't need !) to the book of coupons I can redeem (ahhhh, how nice it will be not to have to make my own bed for a week!) - my kids are the best. 

So, the next time they get under my skin, instead of getting angry and wondering why in the heck I had children to start with - I'll just pour myself another cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and remember that I have raised some really decent human beings - and I love each and every one of them !


Marti said…
Awww, how sweet they are. No consolation I know, but my dh is the same as yours. He did appreciate the dinner I made yesterday and called just to tell me he loved me today, so I guess gifts aren't everything.

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