Time To Quilt

No, not yet - but this weekend for sure.  I was "supposed" to have the taxes ready to go by last night so I could get them to the accountant by Monday ....  I'm going to try like heck to finish them today - so that at least tomorrow will be all mine -

Need to Hang a GREAT BIG DO NOT DISTURB SIGN - only problem - my office does NOT have a door.  VBS

Did watch the most recent Survivor last night (good thing we have On Demand or I'd miss most of my fav's).  It's going to be a hysterical season .... just loved when his team started spoofing on "Special Agent Sheppard" while he was hunting crabs in the Jungle, "The fine specimen is creeping up on his prey ....  in his pink undies!"

ROFLOL - poor dh was on a business call when that part aired, I literally had to bury my face in a pillow to smother the laughter !  I've really been enjoying this years episodes so far.  Much better then what has happened to Biggest Loser - seems like every week they are simply trying to sell something - and it's not health!

OK - off to work - if you haven't watch Survivor Redemption Island yet - catch up on the first two episodes - it'll brighten your day for sure !


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