Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weight Watchers Walk It

I've been treadmilling and walking - getting ready for my first 5K. Stopped by a sneaker shop that specializes in running sneaks - they had to order mine, but the girlies each got a new pair - and it only cost me $200 ! (ONLY .... sheesh) Let's hope it gets them through the summer. Mine should be in by next week - it was amazing when I had them on my feet - big difference.

Planning dinner tonight. Going to broil some chicken, or perhaps BBQ it, chop it up, and make a soup outta cream of mushroom soup, chicken, fresh spinach and roasted garlic, and some type of pasta. Sounds good - but sounds like it needs a loaf or two of bread eh? Guess I'll break out Zoji....

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Farmee said...

Very sweet! I'm proud of ya!