Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who Is Jerzydeb

This blog has gotten off track. It was meant to help me stay on track with my weight loss, and perhaps share some of my personal life with the outside world (If you don't find that interesting - then click on the recipe you want on the left, and don't read the rest LOL) I've realized that I don't think I've ever said much about myself (although I know you're all sick of hearing about the kids).

So I thought I'd truly try blogging for a change. A big part of me is my religion, for I am a Muslim. This is my story.

I am married to an Egyptian, and I am Muslim I was a Christian my entire childhood. I was baptized in the Catholic Church as and infant, and again in an Interdenominational church as a young teen, because I was told that first one "didn't count". Years later, my step mother also found out that her baptism didn't count ( they didn't do the full underwater thing when she was in her 20's). and the pastor told her she'd have to do it again (she was close to 70 at the time). I just grew more and more skeptical of the religion itself, if man had left it alone, if the followers were able to study and interpret the Bible themselves, then I don't think Christianity would be splintered off into so many different groups with so many different beliefs. This was why I left the religion. It seemed to me that Christianity was supposed to be followed the way your current pastor or reverend dictated. If you moved, and went to a different church, chances are that the "rules" would change. I found that very odd.

My husband came along (this was well before 9/11) and I loved the peacefulness about him. We were married within 8 weeks of meeting, because he did not believe in premarital relations, nor did he believe that dating without a purpose was ok (especially since I was a single woman living on my own) I loved his traditions. I loved the way he called his mother overseas each week. I asked so many questions about his beliefs - and when he couldn't answer them all - he put me in touch with someone who could. He took me to places where I could buy books and read more about Islam (this was before 9/11 when lots of people didn't even know what Islam was) I truly believe God brought me this man to straighten out my own life. I love the way we are raising our daughters, they know they will not date, and that their father and I will be active in helping them find a mate when the time comes (no, not an arranged marriage, but a marriage based upon trust and understanding, where 2 families join together, not just 2 single people). I find myself comforted now when I pray. I think it is a wonderful thing that I am "required" to pray 5 times each day - because it makes me stop whatever I am doing, and thank God for all he's given me, and all he has done for me. Each morning when I hug my wonderful kids, I thank God again.

Am I right, and everyone else is wrong? No, I don't believe that. I had some wonderful women come to my door a few months ago. They were promoting their religion - from a church right down the road. I quickly told them that I was Muslim, yet we were able to sit for 15 minutes and talk about religion and our different beliefs, and more importantly - our same beliefs. I for one believe all people that believe and submit to God will go to heaven, or paradise, whatever you want to call it. Whether they are Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, or any other faith that believes in One True God. One Supreme Being. The God of Abraham. Perhaps one day the entire world can come to grips about not having to be "right". Perhaps one day we'll all be able to sit side by side and discuss our differences as I did with those wonderful ladies. Perhaps it's not too late for this world after all.

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Farmee said...

There you are! I'm so glad you sound peaceful and happy. We've not talked for SO LONG, and I wondered how things were. One thing I've enjoyed learning about are some of the traditions you've embraced. I have asked you MANY questions (and a know I have),and you've always been patient with me.
You need to get your skinny fanny out here this summer. Seriously, we need to reconnect and I want to show you how a farm girl lives.
Hugs (gotcha)