Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday - November 22

Time for a much needed long weekend. Still not sure if the entire family is going - but I know I am LOL. I have a pile of cooking magazines and WW magazines and a blank calendar - going to work out some menu's and grocery lists - hoping to get about 12 weeks worth done. I will figure out a way to link them all here - sorta like a "saving dinner" kind of thing - only free LOL

I think when I get back I'm going to sign back up with fly lady as well. My house is started to get messy again - not dirty - but messy. I can't understand how I can pick everything up - and 10 minutes later it's trashed ! Well, with 4 kids I can understand it - but that doesn't mean I like it !

Down 2 lbs at my Biggest Loser Meeting today - just need to stay on track. Rick - the gym owner - has lost 12 lbs in about 3 weeks - so I need to get my rear in gear if I'm going to win this thing ! The girl next to me has lost about 6 lbs each of the past 2 weeks - not sure how she did week #1 - but I'm assuming she is winning - good for her ! I know she's working out at the same gym I am - with a personal trainer - not sure who she's using though.

I have another meeting with Ivan scheduled for the day after Turkey day - so I better stay on track. For those of you traveling to be with family - take care, drive safe, stay safe when you fly, stay warm, and come home safely (and don't overeat !!!)


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