Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How's Your Week Going?

So many projects I want to start - so little time.

I have this wonderful black batik quilt swap I need to do, plus a flying geese anniversary project swap for an online group. I also signed up for a BOM batik, and have to finish 2 other BOM's that end soon. Oh, and the nice lady that weighs me in each Saturday is having her first grandbaby - her daughter has picked out a pattern - so I just need to show her some fabric samples, then work up a new baby quilt. So much to do, so little time.

I have found that by planning menu's - I've been doing much better. Even if I don't stick to my menu 100% - I'm much better off. Yesterday I made the stuffed shells - it was from Cooking Healthy magazine - it was just OK. I like my stuffed shells better - and mine have less points. The kids agree with me. Now, dh and I both loved the pineapple walnut cake - the kids didn't. Tomorrow I'll try the oatmeal brownies with them - if it passes - I'll post the recipe. Need to start working on next weeks menu's. Another busy week - so may put the crock to use. I did make a fresh loaf of oatmeal/honey bread - excellent !

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Farmee said...

I have laid out my quilt for the final piecing. I am soooooo excited. I'll post pics when it's all sewed together. I've been working on it for over a year now. I know...slow and steady.

The brownies sound good.