Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Menu -

Whats cooking? Tonight we're having Stuffed Shells (4 pts per serving) and stuffed chicken breasts (10 pts per serving, but I'm going to try and lower that buy subbing some cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese). The chicken will include a serving of spinach - so this meal will take care of both of my dairys, and 2 veggies (spinach and tomatos in the sauce) Served with a side salad, and maybe, just maybe, a home made bagel (recipe to follow if it turns out. Seems 8yo has finally gotten the reading bug, read a book about a boy making bagels, found a recipe at the end of the book, and now we have to try it - gotta love homeschooling sometimes !)

Doing well with WW this week. Journaling every day - and it really has stopped me from overeating or snacking during the day. Tried something new last night - salmon burgers. They were frozen - 2 pts each, decent size, and cooked up quickly (1 minute in the microwave to seperate them, then another minute or two with George Foreman grill) Quick and easy - my kind of meal.

Have a great Wednesday !!!


Farmee said... the pasta one.

Jerzy said...

Hey Farmee - I'll be over at your blog later today !