Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Morning !!

Good Morning everyone !!! It's a wonderful (even if it's rainy) day here in Jerzyland. Had a good weekend - stayed On Program, and my weight this Monday morning is exactly where it was on Saturday - that's always a good thing. Sat down and figured out a "mini" menu. Yesterday I picked up some thin sliced chicken breasts - so we're going to do stuffed shells one day, and use some of the stuffing to roll up in the chicken as well. Yesterday we had a chicken and noodle bake - no recipe, just threw it together. Today I'm having Cornish Hens out on the grill - I split them in half yesterday and marinated them. DD #1 wants mashed taters, so we'll do that and some mixed veggies.

Full menu (with recipes for Karen) will be posted later :)

Shopping - don't really NEED anything right now - although I am comparison shopping on new fridges. I want a bottom freezer, ice and water in the door - so I know it won't be cheap - but an energy efficient one should pay for itself over the years. Lowes has one on sale - maybe I'll go check it out. Also need to start looking for things for the girls this fall - amazing how fast they grow. LOVE Lands End - their clothes seem to last forever, and still look good. Check out their overstocks and on the counter - always great deals.

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