Saturday - March 3, 2007

Great WI at WW today - down 3 lbs - 2 more and I'll be back down to my lowest weight in about 20 years. Still have another 40 lbs to go before I hit goal - but it's doable. No cheating this weekend - hard - especially with DH not home and the kids wanting to do Chuck E.Cheese, and KFC ... but since we are also concentrating on watching their weight - it isn't happening. Well - maybe Monday we'll do Chuck E. Cheese - but I can get a salad there and bring my own dressing - or else I'll make a sandwich and bring it along. Got some new recipes coming up - gotta run them through Master Cook to figure out the point values - I'll have them ready for Menu Plan Monday. Tomorrow I'm making meatballs over egg noodles (crockpot) - and tonight I may do fish sticks and mac and cheese for the kids, and a healthy pizza or something for myself.


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