Menu Plan Monday - March 5

Getting used to typing with one arm way up in the air - my fingers will certainly be stronger. Even figured out a way to sew - and made a wonderful spring quilt this weekend. Will get it pin basted today hopefully. Oh, and if you've never checked out my recipes - most are very WW friendly and include point values (thanks MC!) This weeks menu -

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday - Lamb Stew

Friday - leftovers or back-up meatloaf


annie said…
Wow, that quilt is awesome!
Have a great week!
jennyr said…
great menu & recipes...btw, what is brown sugar twin?
JennaG said…
Everything sounds good--I've never had lamb though! What a lovely quilt--I have always wanted to make one!
Beautiful quilt! You're so talented.
It's Mother-In-Law Day! Don't forget to give her a hug today!

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