Resurrecting for 2016

I've started a couple different blogs since I last posted here in 2014 - but I rarely posted because it seemed like it would take forever to build back up my files, recipe files, quilting files, photos - just too many posts to just "forget about"   So - if it's not broken, why?  Yes, some of my links probably no longer work, and I'll fix those one by one - so if you see one that doesn't work, give a shout.  I also will be opening this to the public - so they can follow along on my 2016 journey.

So - a refresher on who's who in 2016

Me - Mom, wife, businesswoman, chauffeur, homemaker, and homesteader wanna be.  I am on a constant search for the perfect property.  I found a 7 acre parcel with a pond full of fish that would be perfect since it already contains a barn with water and electricity where I could raise rabbits. goats and chickens, but the house, although amazing, is more than I need, and I cannot see paying top dollar for the house when I'm really interested in the land.  I've been married nearly 20 years - come next month.  20 years.  Wow.  I also will turn 50 next year.  Double wow.  Where has time gone?

Sham - Also known as DH (dear husband at times, sometimes the D stands for something much different) and Shammy to my mom.  He's an awesome provider, but his Middle Eastern culture is seen in his lack of showing affection.  I know he loves me and the kids - its a given, but sometimes a gift or some flowers would be nice.  Ah well, it's been 20 years, I don't think he's going to change now.

Mona - my first born.  My first preemie baby, at 31 weeks, I was scared !  3 pounds 3 ounces of a little fighter, who turned out smart as a whip, is a Sophmore/Junior in college, and also a manager of a local Drug Store ... she amazes me each and every day !

Leenah - my second daughter.  Who's life seems to revolve around the pool.  Who swims 7 days a week most weeks, for 2-3 hours each day.  She also amazes me that she can manage her schoolwork with the time spent in the pool and excel at both.  She also can follow any recipe and make an awesome dessert or a satisfying dinner.  When she's in the mood, she's the best mom's helper there is - although now that she's a little older, she's not in that mood as often :)

Nadia - my third daughter.  The one that made my son's existence possible.  Born as a preemie at only 27 weeks, she scared me too, but it also showed me another side of my husband, the helpless side, when he felt there was nothing more he could do to ease my pain.  She's so smart - I don't know how all that knowledge can fit into one little head.  She's got her sights set on Med School ... yet she's just in High School.   I do believe she'll succeed no matter what she does, and I'll help her every step of the way.  She's got such a great heart ... I'm such a lucky mom.

Adam - my son.  I waited a long, long time for him.  Most people think that I wanted a boy for my husband, but truth be told, it was me who really wanted a boy.  He was born at just 23 weeks and 3 days.  Yes, I know exactly the day I got pregnant with him.  If it weren't for Nadia, I doubt he would be here, because it was her birth that taught us about steroids that could be given to help develop his little lungs when it was apparent that he was coming early no matter what we did.  Sure, he's got some learning delays, but to sit and talk with him, you'd never guess.  He also swims, not as well as his sister Leenah, at least not yet.  He terrorizes his sisters, that's his job as the younger brother.  He is my heart.

And Felix - the newest member of our family - my kitten.  He is about 9 weeks old now - full of life, but when he's tired, he's perfectly happy to sleep across my shoulders or in my lap.  If I'm working he'll curl up in an old towel-lined cookie tin next to my desk so he can keep his eyes on me.

That's who we are - welcome to our family - as we welcome in 2016 !


Kay said…
YAY!!! She's Back!! Maybe I'll resurrect old PQ&K blog too this year. not much time but maybe I can post a photo or 3 or talk about quilting or gardening or the BEF from time to time.

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