Leggings !!

Being a flufflier type woman, I never, ever thought that I'd want to wear leggings each and every day, but a friend of mine was having an "online shop" as a way to help supplement her income, and since I like to help out - I bought 2 pairs of leggings - thinking my daughters would wear them.  Boy was I wrong !  These are the softest and warmest things I've ever worn, plus they come in such bright, bright colors that they simply make you feel good inside - and they fit perfectly.  Sizes?  Oh year, try like 2 sizes, Tall and Curvy (which is me) and OS (one size) which fits up to about a size 12.  My daughter wears both - but she likes they length of the T&C.

This is what I was wearing on Christmas day ...

This is the pair my daughter wanted... yes they are buffalo .... don't ask

  I ordered this pair just because it looked fun.

  I tried to get the bottom black/blue pair of these, but I think someone else grabbed them before I did.  Those I would have worn out in public !

  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these !!   This is one of those pairs that you have to feel good about yourself when you are wearing -- how could you not ??

  This I got for the 14 yo daughter of a friend of mine - They love them too - and wear them for PJs, to school, and to swim practice !

  These are for her younger sister - who's such an instigator - I love her.  Her favorite color is purple, so I know she'll adore these.

 And this is next on my list to buy for myself.  Such fun prints.  Now this company is NOT sold in stores - they only make 1,000 pairs of each print/size and then you'll never find it again.  You'll get some hard to find items going for crazy money on ebay, but that's not why I buy them, they are the softest leggings I have ever owned.  This company also makes skirts (long and short) and dresses for both adults and smaller kids.  I do own a couple of their maxi skirts, again, very soft and beautiful prints.  The dresses are also amazing, but I want to lose another few pounds off my baby "pouch" before I invest in a dress or two.  The company is called LuLaRoe  and they only sell online, or if there is a dealer near where you live, you can try on that way.  FB has quite a few different groups - but here's the thing - they'll announce the time and date of the "pop-up" sale and they'll start posting photos.  I've seen pop up sales with 250 items all sold within 10 minutes.  You see a photo you like, in your size, you quickly type SOLD, your email address,  and then you cross your fingers and hope you were first in line !  I've linked the site above, you can put your zip code in and look for someone close to you.  I don't sell the stuff myself - not enough time in the day - but it's like Avon, if you have the time and you are good at selling, all of the affiliates I've dealt with seem to love it, and it pays for their LuLaRoe addiction (yes, it is an addiction - I probably have 2 dozen pairs of leggings now ... my jeans are lonely !)  


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