Coming to the end of 2013

Wow - this year went by fast.  My oldest is graduating in summer next year ... how the heck did that happen ? 

I didn't get nearly as much sewing and quilting as I wanted.  I didn't get to go on any retreats with my friends.  I didn't even get much of a vacation with my kids - just a week in Michigan, which was more than fun, but more for my Dad than for me or the kids.

This year - some of the same goals as usual -

  • Loose Weight (wonder if I'll ever have a year where that isn't a priority)
  • Spend More Time with Family (I've been having dinner one on one with the kids - enjoyable!)
  • Quilt My Stash - and there is plenty of it !  I always want to have a couple baby blankets on hand - for last minute gifts.  Right now I have nothing !
  • Cook More - which goes along with menu planning and grocery shopping !
  • Home Redo - one room at a time - it's started - we'll see what gets done
  • Stay in Contact with Friends - with the convience of the Internet - sometimes I forget it's nice to just pick up the phone and say Hi !  This year I'm going to try skyping more often so we can chat face-to-face
  • One Blog Post a Week - I was going to say each day, but that's pushing it - but I will try for at least one a week !  With pictures !

What are some of your goals this year ?  Share - maybe I'll find something else to focus on !


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