Friday, February 8, 2013

Show Us Your Socks

Judy at Patchwork Times hosts different challenges on different days.  Thanks to her, I usually always try and get a little bit of sewing done each week, as well as try at least one new recipe to share.  This year she's also hosting a "Show Us Your Socks" day.  I don't knit .... I've tried, and I ended up with a very functional pair of slippers.  I'm assuming the yarn I used was way too thick for socks.  I've tried sock yarn, but ended up regifting it .... One day when I have the patience to sit and learn I'll You Tube enough videos until I know what I'm doing, but until then, there's Etsy!  I bought these wonderful socks for my daughter - Seahawks is her swim team.  Luckily - she didn't like them, she likes super thin socks - so now they are mine ! 

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