Getting It Done - Month Two

Judy at Patchwork Times has challenged us each month to make a list of a few items that you want to get done that month.      Here was my list from January -

  • Finish first 3 BOM for Moon Glow Quilt.  I love this BOM.  I want to stay on top of it, so that when I receive the finishing kit sometime at the end of this year, I can box up the top and ship it off to the quilters !  DONE
  • Hem Adam's pants.  As a mom that can sew, I feel terrible when my son's pants are dragging on the ground.  He's a tall boy - not real sure why his pants are so long - but I do need to get those pj's hemed !  DONE
  • Work on the color challenge from last year.  Judy from Patchwork Times also issued monthly challenges last year to create a quilt using colors from different photos.  I did one - designed it, and worked up many of the blocks, but didn't finish.  It's a quick and easy block to make up, so I'd like to at least work on it.  I'm not putting down that I want to finish it - because honestly I'm not real sure how much is left to do
  • Start designing a quilt for Amanda.  She recently got married to the man who has cooked dd#2's birthday dinner for the last 3 years in a row.  I love this couple, and need to design them a special quilt.  She likes more muted colors than I usually work with - but I'll make her whatever she wants to match her living room ! DONE

I am happy that I did get 3 out of 4 finished. I also completed a baby quilt along the way that was gifted to one of dh's friends.   As for why I didn't finish #3 - I actually began working on the quilt for Amanda - so they actually may get it this year.  I also sent out some emails looking for a long arm quilter - I think I found one that is very much like Margaret (my old long-armer)so I'm happy !  My list for February

  • Continue working on Amanda's quilt.  Have at least 8 of the main blocks completed
  • Stay caught up on both BOM's I've signed up for
  • Get the taxes ready and dropped off to the tax man
  • Use Plan to Eat more often and plan healthier menus  

Pretty good list - I really should be able to do this.  To see what others are working on, check out Judy's blog at Patchwork Times


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