I'm bookmarking all these recipes so I can find them later.  So far today I've made

English Muffins - long story but I was supposed to make Eggs Benedict again this year - and I forgot to buy English Muffins - so I figured I'd make some.  They were so good - that the kids ate all but 3 which I demanded we save for daddy (who went to work)  I'll make another batch tomorrow - they were easy - and will make wonderful egg sandwiches !

I used the leftover dough, buttered it, sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar, rolled it up and let it rise in a cupcake pan.  Baked it with a little dab of butter and more cinnamon sugar on top - and wow - those are all gone too - except for 1 I saved for Daddy.

Then comes the prep for dinner.  So far I've made these

Mashed Potatoes - from Pioneer Woman - awesome !

Also will be making

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Turnip Gratin -

Oyster Dressing - except I substituted Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing instead of homemade - not enough hours in the day. 

Deviled Eggs - I don't usually use a recipe - but figured I'd link one that's close to what I do in case someone has no clue as to what goes on in a deviled egg !

Rolls - right now I'm waiting for the milk mixture to cool before I continue - so figured it'd be a good time to link all these recipes. 

Probably no dessert at our house tonight, but in case, I've already made a batch of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and it's in the fridge.  Might make some Chocolate Chip cookie dough as well and leave that in the fridge ....

Whew -.... glad Thanksgiving only comes once a year !


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