Lessons From Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew through our neighborhood last weekend - and when I say blew, I'm talking wind speeds of up to 100 mph.  Whew.  Hold on to your hats. 

Because we had that Nor'easter back in July that knocked down trees and took out our power for the better part of a week, there weren't too many dead/weak trees for Sandy to demolish.  Sure - she took out some street signs, and the flood waters left many a road impassable, but for the most part, our home remained unscathed.  We were without power again for 4 days, and this time, when I say I'm going to buy a generator, my hubster will NOT say .... I'll get around to it LOL

Speaking of the hubster - he was supposed to return last Sunday from his 6 week stint in Egypt - but decided Friday nite to stay another couple of weeks.   I knew he was taking care of family difficulties, so I didn't mention to him the monstrous size of the impending storm.  He'd find out after the fact.  He's been on the phone with me nearly everyday - telling me how proud he is of what I've been able to handle.  He should be, and I TOLD him I would be buying a generator when he returned, he didn't dare argue with me.

I've spoken with the tenants - most have water damage, some have already had their power restore, but the scary part is I can't get to them.  Atlantic City is shut off to outsiders - if you aren't already in the City, you can't come in.  I can understand - there aren't any street lights, traffic is crazy anyway, but wash away half the streets, there aren't enough on the police force to direct traffic, and common sense isn't widely available there in the first place - and I understand trying to keep the city under wraps for now.  But, I need to get in and get pictures.  They guys that work for the hubster need to return to their homes, protect their belongings, and get to their tools so they can get to work.  I managed to contact an old friend of the hubsters that not only is an electrician, but is an electrician that stayed in the City throughout the storm.  He's been so generous with his time, helping me get some of the heaters up and running in the places that only had a foot or so of water, and the heaters could be started safely.  He won't accept money - he'll deal with the hubster when he returns - you don't find many people like that.  I dealt with him last time I was alone with the business, he waited over 6 weeks for the hubster to return before he discussed his bill - which is always fair to start with.  I wish more people were as honest and moral.

Anyway - that's whats been happening in my neck of the woods.  Exciting, but my diet has suffered.  Fast food nearby didn't lose their power, and it was easier to order a pizza then risk opening and close the freezer ....  2 more weeks, the hubster will be back, and I promise to get right back on track !


Marti said…
Good to hear you did well through it. I was wondering. How frustrating not to be able to deal with your rental damage. Definitely get that generator! Of course then you may never need it.

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