Monday, August 29, 2011

Another School Year

Wow - this year it'll just be Leenah and I at home, as Nadia has also decided to try her hand (and head) at public school. Knowing Nadia, I know she'll do great. Adam will be entering 3rd grade (YIKES - how did that happen) and Mona will be a Sophomore in High School. I don't know how my kids are getting older (and I'm staying the same)

While it'll be quiet around home with only the 2 of us here - I'm pretty sure we'll be getting lots more done, as well as having lots of free time to hit the beach (and swim practices) Speaking of swim practice - we've been off 2 weeks already, and she's more than raring to go. Luckily the coach just posted her new schedule, and with some days having a 3 hour practice, I'm sure she'll be right back in shape pretty quickly !

Mona's got her second scrimmage game tomorrow - and it's Eid - the end of Ramadan. I think I may skip all the celebrations for the day and go watch her play.

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Laura said...

Oh my, you might have some time to sew during the day!