Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Oh, I love when the postman comes and leaves an envelope with Ebates as the sender. I know my BIG FAT CHECK is inside. When I first started online shopping, my BFC's were less than $20 each - nice, but nothing noteworthy. Today's BFC - $99.72. Now I can do a bit of shopping with that one. Added to the $18.47 I got back from Ace Hardware last week, and I can take the kids out fishing again - for free. Very nice.

Sign up through my link, and I get $5 for each of you. Then you can add a link on your own blog, and you'll get $5 for each of your friends that signs up. Refer 3 friends and get a $30 bonus. Refer 10 friends, and get a $100 bonus. If you have lots of friends, you can get an iPad2 for 50 new friends that become Ebates members. It's free, you get money back for the shopping that you'd do online anyway, and you can still use coupon codes and promo's as well. Nothing to lose !

My Link (and when I use my $5 bonus to get a cappuccino - I'll thank ya !)

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